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It’s exactly one week after AFAX! More photos can be found HERE~ A little late but better than never!

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AFAX – Anime Festival Asia ’10

AFAX is happening this Sat/Sun at the Suntect Convention & Exhibition Hall!! Booths like Nitro+, Cospa, Bushiroad, KKnM and many more will be there! Artists who will be coming down this year, KANA HANAZAWA (Yes,she is one of my favourite seiyuu), the cast of Milky Holmes and AKB48!~ Cosplayers like Kaname (once again back this [… Read More]

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Cospa’s Fate Testarossa Movie Figure Reservation Starts!~

The new Cospa’s Fate Testarossa figure is up for reservation today! This figure version is from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 1st.  It She will be released next year January 2011 @ 11,800 yen retail price. Isn’t she a love. Well, I’m getting her as well even though I have ordered Alter’s Fate. =X

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